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CPO Science Link Energy Car Teacher's Guide with Digital Access

By: Cpo Science Item#: 492-1010
CPO Science Link Energy Car Teacher's Guide with digital access provides key concepts with award-winning science, engineering investigations and innovative digital learning experiences for better understanding. It helps students to explore speed, force, velocity, acceleration, Newton's Laws, graphs of motion, conservation of energy, conservation momentum and more. Guide features four components like three-levels of hands-on investigations, classroom-tested equipment, tablet-enabled learning experiences and online multimedia content that make it a powerful tool for advancing student perception. It is perfect for customers owning CPO science equipment or wish to purchase additional guides for their link module or classroom package. Guide offers great versatility and a variety of options for ensuring students to control multiple variables while performing fun and engaging experiments. It helps in performing elastic/non-elastic collisions, making calculations with friction and measure speed/acceleration with precision.

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  • Access all course resources through including: digital teacher's guide, answer keys, equipment setup videos, whiteboard resources, student assessment sheets, student investigation sheets, student readings, skill and practice worksheets, science content videos, and content animations
  • Topics include: Acceleration, Collisions, Efficiency, Energy, Experiments, Friction, Measuring Time, Motion On A Ramp, Newton's Laws, Speed, Systems, Two-Part Motion, Variables
  • Meets NGSS Performance Expectations: MS-PS2-1, MS-PS2-2, HS-PS2-1, HS-PS2-2, HS-PS2-3, HS-PS3-1

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(5) Tablet-enabled Investigations, Powered By Exploros


Item #:492-1010

Brand:Cpo Science

Grade Level:Middle-High School

Selling UOM:Each

Ship Method:Parcel

Invoice Description:TG CPO LINK ENERGY CAR

Safety:No Choking Hazard

Allergens:Contains No Allergens

Description:Teacher Guide & Digital Access

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