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Delta Science Module DSM-3 Earth Movements Science Module Complete Kit

By: Delta Item#: 738-6024
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Delta Science Module Earth Movements Complete Kit teaches students how rocks provide clues to earth's history, structure and geological activity and they investigate earth processes that lend support to the theories of continental drift and plate tectonics. Massive movements that are constantly shaping earth such as volcanoes erupting, trenches creeping open, continental plates colliding and sending mountain ranges skyward are explored and students learn to think of the earth as a geological mosaic, constantly being refitted. They model ocean-floor spreading, plate subduction, magma convection currents, volcanism and earthquakes at plate boundaries and build earth cross-sections to compare ocean and continental crusts.

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(1) Teacher Guide, (1) Equipment Kit for 32 Student, (1) Big Book and (1) Set of 8 Student Readers (Grades K-1), (1) Set of 8 Student Readers with Skill builders (Grades 2-8)


Item #:738-6024


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