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Kemtec Odontology Kit: One Bite Out of Crime

By: Kemtec Item#: 1599062
Dental records, like fingerprints, offer a form of positive identification. Kit includes seven experiments: Making a Patient Dental Chart, Identifying a Body with Dental Charts, Casting Teeth, Evidence Analysis of Bite Mark Injury, Collecting Evidence (Bite Marks in Wax Molds), Identifying Suspects from Bite Marks, and Identifying Suspects (Matching Teeth Cast to Wax Bite Planes). Designed for 24 students working in six groups of four.

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What's in the Box

Instructor's Manual Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet (SDS) Patient Chart, Dentist Worksheet (SDS) Experiment #1, Student Data Sheet, Assistants Worksheet Experiment #2, Identifying a Body with Dental Charts Experiment #3, SDS, Working Teeth Model Experiment #4, SDS, Metric Analysis of Bite Mark Experiment #5, SDS, Making Bite Mark Evidence In Wax Experiment # 6, SDS, Identifying Bite Marks in Wax Experiment # 7, SDS, Identifying Suspect by Matching Teeth Cast to Teeth Bite Tray (Small & Medium) Tooth Development Diagram SDS, Figure 1 Tooth Eruption at 5 Years SDS, Figure 2 Gloves Magic Marker Mold Material Plaster Paris Tongue Depressors Plastic Cups Measuring Cups Sealable Bags Metric Rulers Wax Bite Plates Wax Bite Plane


Item #:1599062


Grade Level:High School-College

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Ship Method:Parcel

Invoice Description:KIT ODONTOLOGY

Certifications:Not Applicable

Safety:No Choking Hazard

Allergens:Contains No Allergens

Description:Odontology Kit

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