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Innovating Science Electrochemical Series, Small Group Learning

By: Innovating Science Item#: 2001874
Students will study electrochemical series with this interactive kit! The electrochemical series is built up by arranging various redox equilibria in order of their standard electrode potentials (redox potentials). When a strip of metal (an electrode) is placed in water, the metal has a tendency to go into solution as ions with a simultaneous build up of electrons on the metal strip. This process produces an electrical potential difference between the metal and solution which is called an electrode potential. This kit has all of the materials needed for 5 groups, including a teacher's manual and student study guide copy masters.

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What's in the Box

Kit Includes:
  • 5 Copper Metal Strips
  • 5 Aluminum Metal Strips
  • 5 Magnesium Metal Strips
  • 5 Iron Metal Strips
  • 5 Zinc Metal Strips
  • 8 Filter Paper Strips
  • 1 Each EZ-Prep to Make 500mL of Each Solution:
    • Copper Sulfate, 0.1M
    • Aluminum Sulfate, 0.1M
    • Magnesium Sulfate, 0.1M
    • Iron Sulfate, 0.1M
    • Zinc Sulfate, 0.1M


Item #:2001874

Brand:Innovating Science

Grade Level:Adult Post Secondary

Selling UOM:Kit

Ship Method:Parcel


Certifications:Not Applicable

Safety:No Choking Hazard

Allergens:Contains No Allergens

Description:Small Group Learning

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