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Firstbeat Heart Rate Monitor School Pack, Includes 30 Belts and 3 Mesh Belt Holders

By: Firstbeat Item#: 1425652
Firstbeat Heart Rate Monitor School Pack includes team receiver with USB cable, quality duffle bag and laptop bag, Go-To heart rate game, 30 heart rate belts and 3 mesh belt holders, tripod and new first beat upbeat software 2 year license.



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  • Have multiple student profiles assigned to one HRM belt
  • Monitor upto 40 students at once
  • Indoor and outdoor use with range of 150 meters (over 492 feet)
  • Real time guidance with color coded heart rate zones, training effect score, calories burned and more
  • Once online the system can be moved offline to monitor student in other areas like the weight and fitness room or outside to the track
  • Web-based software allows real time user updates
  • Automated individual and group reporting provides class Averages, training effect average heart rate, energy Expenditure (kcal) and MVPA
  • Take heart rate monitoring to the next level. first beat is A high performance system for indoor and outdoor monitoring of heart rate and training effect of physical education classes. real time monitoring and feedback reporting of meaningful physiological information makes physical education fun and efficient. automatic reporting gives instant color coded feedback that inspires students to increase intensity and reach desired goals
  • As the physical education instructor, you will automatically receive A class summary representing the class Averages and individual marks for: training effect, average hr, energy Expenditure (kcal) by applying the heart rate and training effect information you can create the desired intensity for your specific PE classes. by comparing training effect scores for the same workout overtime you can quantify improvements
  • Create unlimited student profiles by using the same set of heart rate belts for all of your classes. no programming required between classes simply pick your class and go. this system is easy, effective, and more comprehensive for PE teachers and students


Item #:1425652


Grade Level:Middle-High School

Selling UOM:Pack of 30

Ship Method:Parcel

Safety:No Choking Hazard

Allergens:Contains No Allergens

Average Heart Rate:Yes


Calorie Counter:No


Description:Firstbeat Monitor School Pack

Recovery Heart Rate:No

Target Zones:No

Time in Target Zone:No

Total Exercise Time:No

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