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We strive to match every book to every reader.

We have libraries for
Language Arts • Math • Science • Social Studies • Spanish

School Specialty offers a wide selection of pre-built and customized Classroom Libraries and Book Rooms. The libraries are organized by reading level, genre, theme, and author, and include Informational, nonfiction, and non-narrative texts.

Our Classroom Libraries consist of highly effective instructional materials for grades K - 8. Each library was designed by a literacy expert who designed each one to fit the diverse educational needs of your students.

Included is our exclusive self-contained classroom library storage bin, with leveled reading labels for every book and a front bin label, which identifies the name and item number of the Classroom Library.


Our Classroom Libraries support balanced literacy instruction and are an intergral part of a literacy-rich environment.

We can create a Customized Classroom Library for you if you don't find what you're looking for.

Our Classroom Libraries:
Our books and materials support independent reading, partner reading, guided reading, content area instruction and book discussions.

Customized Classroom Libraries:
We will customize any classroom library just for you. We know your time and resources are limited and we are here to help.

Ask your account representative for more information.



An extensive research-based teacher's guide containing time-saving, inspiring lesson plans is partnered with multiple copies of the aligned book for a complete learning experience.

Our Lit Kits will help you guide your students through the basics of literature study:

How to clarify the plot construction of a novel and describe how the main conflict is resolved

How the personalities of a story influence the plot and theme of the story

How to compare the general themes in literature



Our Curriculum Kits combine texts and curriculum aligned tasks to ensure students ground reading, writing, and discussion in text evidence.

Our Curriculum Kits include:
• An aligned trade book collection
• A teacher's guide with a close reading focus
• Focus questions
• Sequenced overview texts
• Representative text-dependent questions for texts

Occasionally, some titles may become unavailable or Out of Print by the publisher which may affect the availability of a title or an entire collection. Should this occur, your School Specialty representative will work with you to find an appropriate replacement to suit your instructional needs.

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