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Sensory Solutions at Your Fingertips with a Custom Tool Bag


Sensory Tools on the Go for Seamless Inclusion Into the Classroom

Take advantage of having sensory tools at your fingertips to help with focus and attention, transitions, and self-regulation. Browse our lists of suggested products for creating a sensory tool bag and customize it by adding your own items and quantities. Three lists are available to guide you in creating an age-appropriate kit... plus, our sturdy, portable tote bag makes it a breeze to use your tools on the go!

Early Childhood Sensory Tool Bag Product List:

Chewies Galore
Chewies galore and more are incorporated in this bag full of smart sensory tools for early learners. It includes additional activities for fine motor skills as well as deep touch pressure and spatial boundary solutions for calming and organizing. Recommended ages 3 and up. Use with supervision.

Elementary Sensory Tool Bag Product List:

Fidgets & Wiggles!
This tool bag is packed full of our favorite fidgets, wiggle, and chewy solutions that help with self-regulation for focus/attention and reduce off-task classroom behaviors. Recommended ages 5 and up. Use with supervision.

Secondary Sensory Tool Bag Product List:

Just Chillin'
This set is perfect for teens and tweens. It includes low profile sensory tools for oral motor, tactile and deep touch pressure input. This allows for seamless inclusion into classroom and other activities to help support self-regulation for focus/attention and behavior. Recommended ages 8 and up. Use with supervision.

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