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Cubit Kits: Inspire the Next Generation of Engineers & Scientists

Nurture Students Through a Unique and Powerful Synergy of Coding, Robotics, and STEAM Education


STEAM Concepts Covered

• Life Science
• Physical Science
• Earth and Space Science
• Computer Science
• Engineering
• Art and Design
• Mathematics

Cubit Kits are designed to inspire and nurture the next generation of inventors, creators, and builders through coding, robotics and STEAM education. Cubit's modular smartware design, intuitive interface and powerful sensor suite empowers learners to explore their world, learn valuable coding skills, and express their innate creativity. Far more than a traditional robotics program, Cubit equips learners with the same powerful instruments scientists and engineers utilize to measure such things as magnetism, spatial position, distance, temperature, and light.

How Is Cubit Used?

  • Curriculum Library - Lessons are accessed through Cubit's online curriculum portal, which provides an easily searchable database of curriculum.
  • Cubit Kit - The parts in each kit, called Smartware, range from powerful sensors, to motors, to LED lights and more. Kits are specifically designed for the classroom, with packaging that make identifying and managing Smartware effortless.
  • Cubit Workshop Software - Cubit Workshop provides a platform for scaffolded programming instruction by allowing flexibility between block-based and text-based coding.
  • Teacher Training/Support - Cubit offers a range of professional development and support solutions to help meet the needs of every teacher. Ask your STEM Sales Manager for more information.

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