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Better Together. Classroom Direct Joins the School Specialty Family.

Frequently Asked Questions

Effective July, 2018 there will be changes to the way your Classroom Direct order is processed. Please see below for more information.

Q: Will my orders be placed with School Specialty or Classroom Direct?
A: Orders will be placed with and processed by School Specialty. Invoices will come from School Specialty.

Q: Can I still phone/fax/mail my order in to Classroom Direct?
A: To ensure timely processing of your order, we encourage you to update your order contact information to School Specialty including:

School Specialty
P.O. Box 1579, Appleton, WI 54912-1579
ph: 888-388-3224 / fax: 888-388-6344

Q: Do I need to change vendor information in my procurement/AP system?
A: If you do not currently have School Specialty set up as a vendor in your system, then you will need to add us so that we can properly process your order. In addition, you should remove/de-activate Classroom Direct as a vendor in your system.

Q: I do not currently do business with School Specialty, but would like to set up an account and establish terms, what steps do I need to take?
A: To establish an account with School Specialty and acknowledge terms and conditions of sales, simply fill out a credit application and send it back to us to start the process.

Q: Do I need a new W9?
A: If you are not already doing business with School Specialty and require a W9, please email us at to request one.

Q: Can I still access the Classroom Direct product offering?
A: Yes! All the great products offered by Classroom Direct are also available through School Specialty, plus thousands more. Visit Direct to browse and shop our full offering

Q: I have a saved cart on the ClassroomDirect website, will this cart be accessible on SchoolSpecialty?
A: Yes! If you saved a cart under your account, this cart will be accessible on

Q: Is there a different shipping policy when ordering from School Specialty?
A: No, School Specialty shares the exact same shipping policy as what Classroom Direct had.



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