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Supporting Students with Autism


Tools and Resources to Support Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Classroom, at Home, and in the Community

There is not just one type of autism. Because autism is a spectrum disorder, each child with autism has a distinct set of strengths and challenges. Additionally, the ways they learn, think, and problem-solve can vary widely. School Specialty offers a comprehensive assortment of tools and resources for children with autism, and the therapists, educators, and families that support them. This curated selection provides resources for sensory processing, language and communication, social emotional learning, and more to help you create an inclusive and supportive environment for your neurodiverse learners.

Positioning & Mobility

Seating and desks that allow for spatial boundary definition and offer physical support

Sensory Processing: Quiet Spaces

Transform a corner or room into a calming space to regroup

Sensory Processing: Heavy Work Calmers

Deliver proprioceptive input which may help with focus and body awareness

Sensory Processing: Calmers & Organizers

Tools which may help support self-regulation, calming, and organizing

Sensory Processing: Oral Motor & Fidgets

Fidgets and wearables designed to help support self-regulation and focus

Language & Communication

Assistance with daily routines, literacy, speech, and social skills

Wiggle Room & Sensory Motor Room

Movement activities for vestibular input and gross motor development


This is a suggested list of possible products and solutions for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. As every child is unique with differing abilities, please refer to the IEP and Special Education team to best meet the individual needs of each student. Use these products with adult supervision.

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