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Get It All for Fall: Shop our Back to School Assortments

Loose Furniture

Gear Up For a Great Start

Back to school brings the most important project you'll do all year—design your classroom or teaching space. We can help you fill it with all the quality supplies and furniture you need. We can also help you make it even more—a place of inspiration, self-discovery and confidence.

At School Specialty, many of us are former educators and all of us are committed to our mission of Transforming More Than Classrooms.™ We want to help you get it all for fall. Get inspired by new ideas and find everything you need to support key education trends in the new school year.

Look for the icon to shop our complete back to school assortment.

Back to School Teacher Resources

As you set up your classroom for the year, we know even the basics are anything but basic. From colored pencils that inspire creativity to supplies for activities that can foster confidence, the School Smart brand offers you high quality, affordably priced products to fill your classroom, and your students, with everything essential.

Back to School STEAM Resources

Curiosity. Every child is born with it. You seek to refine it. We're here to support you with all the products, makerspaces, professional development and funding to fulfill that mission. So your students emerge with the skills to find careers for themselves, and answers for all of us.

Back to School Arts & Crafts

We're committed to creating the quality products, engaging lessons and professional support you need to help students develop critical skills like creative thinking, innovation and self-expression.

Back to School Learning Environments

We provide modern educators like you with everything you need to create safe inspiring spaces, from chairs and modular desks to complete learning space makeovers and design services.

Back to School Physical Education

Who needs PE? Anyone who can benefit from enhanced concentration. Reduced anxiety. Increased social and emotional learning. That's why we offer so many products that support students of all skill and ability levels. To help you make sure absolutely everyone who can benefit from physical education, does.

Back to School Early Childhood

Everything we make, from high-quality furniture to innovative STEAM products, is thoughtfully designed to invite discovery, inspire creativity and help transform early learners into passionate learners.

Back to School Special Needs

Every student deserves to feel the joy of accomplishment. To make sure they do, we're committed to giving every student and everyone who cares for them the products and support they need to experience the most important achievements of all—a sense of calm, safety, belonging, and acceptance.

Back to School Instruction & Intervention

As everyone gets back together at the beginning of the school year, you'll see we've come together, too. EPS® and Coach® have combined, to offer the most extensive array of supplemental materials and teacher support available.

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