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Art Nouveau Bisquettes

Lesson plan and artwork by Nadine Dresbach, Art Category Manager, North & South Carolina
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Lesson Plan
Grades 7-12
Sax Lesson Plans, Art, History
Sax, Mayco


This lesson uses only a few materials to design and create images of the historical Art Nouveau style on mountable or wearable ceramic bisquettes.


  • Students will understand the terms: Positive Space and Negative Space to develop a painting.
  • Students will understand the use of color in planning for a painting, utilizing Liquitex paints and paint markers.
  • Students will understand the term “layering” while using other media for a mixed media painting.
  • Students will understand how changing color surfaces can change the effect of colors in a painting.


Supplies Needed

Mayco® Designer Liner – 1.25 oz Green 1464327
Mayco® Designer Liner – 1.25 oz Blue 1464326
Mayco® Designer Liner – 1.25 oz Brown 1464328
Mayco® Designer Liner – 1.25 oz Red 1464325
Mayco® Designer Liner – 1.25 oz Black 1464323
Mayco® Stroke and Coat® 12 color set A - 2 oz 229167
Mayco® Stroke and Coat® 12 color set B - 2 oz 229170
Mayco® Bisquettes™ Ceramic Medallions Assorted Shapes, Set of 150 248423
Sax® True Flow® Gloss Glaze, Natural Clear, 1 Gallon 416911


Content Standard #1: Understanding and applying media techniques and processes.
Content Standard #2: Using knowledge of structures and functions.
Content Standard #6: Making connections between visual art and other disciplines.


Adjust quantities and add all items at once


Step 1

After researching Art Nouveau styles and color choices, each student should trace several bisquette shapes onto drawing paper and prepare color sketches of designs for teacher approval. Due to the size of the bisquettes, it is recommended that one base color is used; the lines of the design can be in various colors.

Step 2

After a design is selected, apply a base color of Mayco® Stroke and Coat® to the bisquette. Please follow package directions. Multiple coats will be needed and each coat must dry before proceeding.

Step 3

The Mayco® Designer Liner can then be used on top of the Mayco® Stroke and Coat® to create the lines of the students' designs.

Step 4

When the liner is dry you must use clear glaze on top. Apply the first coat carefully so as to not disturb the liner design. Then proceed with the remaining coats and fire (according to package directions).

Step 5

The finished work can be part of a mounted piece or wearable art.

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