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Count With Me Books

Lesson plan provided by School Specialty
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Lesson Plan
Grades Toddler-PreK
Early Childhood, Literacy, Math


A child's very first books are picture books. "Reading" pictures is an important first step on the path to enjoying books and literature. There are many commercial counting books or number books that may appeal to a child's interests. None will be quite as interesting as a book made by the child featuring things to count that are most important to that child.

Supplies Needed

Construction paper folded and stapled to form a book.
Glue sticks
Toy catalogs

Learning Standards

Literacy Knowledge & Skills: Uses pictures to convey ideas.
Mathematical Knowledge & Skills: Number sense and counting.


Adjust quantities and add all items at once


Step 1

Provide folded paper stapled together to form a book.

Step 2

Build a number book with children one page at a time. Ask them to draw their picture on the cover of their book and write their name if they are able. Help them to complete the cover to read (Name)'s Number Book.

Step 3

Start on the next page with the number 1. Ask children to bring a picture from home or provide stickers,magazines, catalogs etc. and let children fi nd a picture of one thing to glue onto the first page.

Step 4

Repeat the process above with each number to 5 or 10 depending on the age of the children.

Step 5

When these books are completed, encourage children to read their number books to families or friends.

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