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Feelings in Motion

Lesson plan provided by School Specialty
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Lesson Plan
Grades PreK-1
Early Childhood, Literacy, Social Development


Young children who can identify their feelings are much more likely to find healthy ways of coping with stress and disappointment. This activity combines physical activity with exploring the vocabulary that helps children deal with their emotions.

Supplies Needed

Emotion cards or pictures cut from magazines that show a variety of emotions
Paper Plates
Glue or Tape

Learning Standards

Literacy Knowledge & Skills: Vocabulary development
Social & Emotional Development: Recognizes and labels emotions.


Step 1

Identify a variety of emotion words.

Step 2

Draw or fi nd photographs of faces that look Happy, Sad, Scared, Mean etc.

Step 3

Glue each emotion picture to a card or paper plate. Write the name of each emotion under the face pictured on the plate. Ask children how they might walk–or move–when they feel "Happy", "Sad" etc.

Step 4

Let children take turns choosing an emotion card and calling out "Walk Happy", "Walk Sad", "Walk Scared" or "Walk Mean" for everyone to try together.

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