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Sandwich Artists

Lesson plan provided by School Specialty
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Lesson Plan
Grades PreK-1
Early Childhood, Math


Young children are learning to follow directions. They need practice in understanding the step-by-step process needed to accomplish a familiar routine in order to develop this important skill.

Supplies Needed

Paper, pencil, peanut butter, jam, slices of bread, butter knife, camera, cardboard and plastic zip sandwich bags.

Learning Standards

Mathematical Knowledge & Skills: Sequencing events and ordering skills.


Step 1

Discuss with children the steps required to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich or other favorite recipe.

Step 2

Write down the steps as children dictate them.

Step 3

Make a sandwich following each step exactly. If they are not in the correct sequence, discuss what went wrong and make corrections.

Step 4

Take a photo of each step in the process of making a sandwich.

Step 5

Print each photo and mount on cardboard or seal it in a plastic zip bag. Talk through what comes first, next etc. with children using the photos. Leave the photo cards available in a Math Center for children to independently put in order.

Teacher Tips

Look for other opportunities for short, spontaneous mini-math lessons within children's routines and according to their interests. Providing ways for children to connect math concepts to real world situations will make math thinking interesting and fun-as well as increase understanding.

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