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Stripe Making Machines

Lesson plan provided by School Specialty
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Lesson Plan
Grades PreK-1
Early Childhood, Art, Fine Motor, Literacy


Improve fine motor skills and grasp.

Supplies Needed

Rubber Bands
Masking Tape

Learning Standards

• Physical Development (Fine Motor): Manipulate writing, drawing and art tools.
• Logic & Reasoning: Recognize cause and effect relationships.
• Literacy Knowledge & Skills: Experiment with writing tools and materials.


Bundle two or more crayons together and secure with a rubber band. Tape the bundled crayons to the back of a toy car so that the crayons leave a mark when the car is pushed.


Step 1

Introduce children to your "Stripe Machines". Demonstrate how to "drive" the toy car across paper to create stripes of color.

Step 2

Supply children with "stripe machines" and paper and be prepared for noise effects.

Teacher Tips

• Be sure to look for "plaids" in children's drawings as the stripes overlap.
• Encourage children to create their own bundled crayon combinations – with or without toy cars and vehicles – to "drive" them.

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