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Winter Snow Globe

Provided by Crayola
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Lesson Plan
Grades K-6
Art, Science, Winter, Seasonal


This is a fun project using Crayola® Model Magic to create a miniature winter scene inside a plastic cup. Students will discuss winter weather and changes they see in nature during different seasons.


  • Students recall and gather information about the winter season, including weather conditions and changes in plant and animal life in temperate climates.
  • Students create miniature sculptures of a winter scene that fits inside a plastic cup.
  • Students with special learning needs or younger children make a list of winter scenes, find pictures of winter scenes, and perhaps sketch their ideas first. Those with physical challenges work with a partner or use adaptive equipment to create their sculpture.

Supplies Needed

Crayola Model Magic®, White, 2-Lb. Bucket 391130
Crayola Model Magic®, 4-Color Set, 2-Lb. Bucket 437543
Crayola Washable Glitter Glue, 12-Color Set, 4 oz. Bottles 404140
School Smart Snow Glitter 086816
Crayola Colored Pencils 008211
Crayola School Glue 027626
School Smart Blunt Tip Childrens Scissors with Storage Rack 086336

Things You May Also Need:
Cardboard or Foam Core
Cup or Bottle


Content Standard #1: Understanding and applying media, techniques and processes.
 Grades K-4: Students will use different media, techniques and processes to communicate ideas, experiences and stories.
 Grade 5-7: Students will intentionally take advantage of the qualities and characteristics of art media, techniques and processes to enhance  communication of their experiences and ideas.


Step 1

Talk with the class about winter weather and changes you see in nature in your area. Which birds do you see in winter? What is the weather like? What kind of snow makes the best sculptures? How do trees look? Imagine a wintry scene that you can build in miniature, inside a plastic cup.

Step 2

With Colored Pencils, trace around a clear plastic cup turned upside down on cardboard. Cut out the circle with Scissors. As an alternative, use a clear wide-mouth glass jar upside-down so the lid is the base and glue a cardboard circle centered on the lid -leave enough room around the edge to close the lid.

Step 3

If your scene has a snowy base, cover the cardboard circle with white Crayola Model Magic. Using other colors of Model Magic build a snow sculpture and add evergreen trees, cardinals, or any other winter items that will fit inside your cup. Add Glitter for sparkling snow and ice crystals. Dry.

Step 4

Draw a ring of School Glue around the outside edge of the base (or inside edge of the jar lid). Press the cup’s edge into the glue. Dry.

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