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Coloring Book of Mini Mandalas

Lesson Plan and Artwork by Carol Miller, Sax Art Consultant
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Lesson Plan
Grades 9-12
Sax Lesson Plans, Art, Math, Social Studies


A circular format, or mandala, is drawn of shapes and patterns with black pen outlines using a template or freehand. Colored pencil technique of blending is used to "color" designs.


  • Students will create an original coloring book of mini mandalas as a group project or individually.

Supplies Needed

Reeves® Colored Pencils, 36 Colored Set Arnold Grummer's Zig Zag Book, 4 1/2" Square, Pack of 12
Sax® Artist Grade Colorless Blender, Pack of 2
Sharpie® Pen, Fine Tip, Black, Pack of 4
Alvin® Multi-Purpose Flexible Plastic Drawing Template, 1/16" – 1/2"
UHU Glue Sticks, 1.41 oz.
Sax® Extra White Heavyweight Sulphite Drawing Paper, 9" x 12" , Pack of 500



Standard #1: Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work.
Standard #3: Refine and complete artistic work.


Standard #5: Develop and refine artistic work for presentation.


Adjust quantities and add all items at once


Step 1

The mini mandalas can be used as a small group project or individual. There are two covers and 10 pages including the back and front for each book in the group pack of Zig Zag books.

Step 2

To make the mandalas, use a compass to draw a 3 1/2" circle from a sheet of copy paper and then cut out. Draw another 3 1/2" circle on the drawing paper, which will fit on the 4 1/4" book page.

Step 3

Fold the copy paper circle in half. Open and fold in half again creating a criss-cross. Fold two more times making eight "slices of a pie".

Step 4

Gently flatten the folds and place the circle on the drawing paper circle and make a mark at the ends of each fold, along the circumference.

Step 5

Remove the copy paper circle. Using a ruler, lightly draw four lines from the circumference marks through the center of the circle so it looks like pie slices.

Step 6

Using a pencil first, and starting in the center, lightly draw a circle or square placing the template over the center. Then draw another shape touching the first. This will be repeated in each quadrant. Continue until the circle is filled with line drawings to be colored.

Step 7

Cover pencil lines with the black pen, then erase any pencil that still shows.

Step 8

Color with the Reeves pencils, experimenting with blending colors. Try putting analogous colors next to each other and using pressure, overlap several times blending one color into another. This technique works with shades of the same color as well.

Step 9

When the circle is filled, carefully cut out with scissors. If you would like to protect the mandala, coat with Tempera Varnish before cutting.

Step 10

Assemble the Zig Zag book according to the directions in the group pack.

Step 11

The pages are white. To cover them, if desired, cut two pieces of the Sax Art Paper, 13" x 4 1/4" for the front and 17" x 4 1/4" for the back

Step 12

Use a UHU Glue Stick to cover the pages.

Step 13

Glue 6"x6" Sax Art Paper to covers.

Step 14

Glue the mandalas to the pages and covers.

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