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Minnesota State School Safety Grant Opportunity

School Specialty is your one stop resource for everything you need to take advantage of the Minnesota State School Safety Grant. School Specialty offers the products and resources you need to qualify for the grant, including exterior entry security, communication systems, and other school facility safety projects.

To speak with a representative, request a quote, or place an order, please call 1-888-388-3224, prompt 9.

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Featured Safety Solutions

LEXI Exit Device Control Trim

3M Shatter Resistant Window Film

Integrated Access Control

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High Priority-Communications

Ready Op Emergency Management

Emergency management software provides clearly defined tasks and methods of contact to help ensure that information can be distributed through the chain of command in an orderly and efficient manner.

Two Way Radios

Increase safety and security for students, teachers and staff with two way radios. Instantly communicate to groups or individuals at the touch of a button. A simple and cost efficient way to save wasted time and steps while responding quickly to emergency situations. Widely used by teachers, security, hall monitors, administration, nurses, maintenance staff and more.

Lower Priority Activities

Classroom Door Locks

These classroom lockdown solutions are designed to accompany your existing door lock, eliminating the need for replacing key systems. These door locks have a quick push button locking action and are ADA and fire code compliant.

Lockdown Shades

During an active shooter incident or other attack, classroom safety can depend on intruders not knowing if the room is occupied. Lockdown shades help ensure safety in the classroom by preventing anyone from seeing inside during an active shooter attack or other attack.

Bleeding Control Kits

When it comes to emergency bleeding control, every second counts. The Stop the Bleed campaign, launched by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security, aims to provide training for everyone in what to do in an emergency bleeding situation and to give everyone the tools to save a life.

Security Cameras

Top of the line security cameras ensure the ability to see what is going on at all times in and around a school. Indoor and outdoor cameras provide high quality video in all weather and lighting conditions, keeping students, staff and teachers safe at all times.

School Specialty offers several brands of security cameras. Please call for a quote on models not listed below.

Metal Detectors

Our selection of metal detectors provide accurate detection of all metals and a high level of discrimination of non-threat items. School staff can quickly and easily detect concealed weapons with minimal invasiveness.

Call your local School Specialty representative for pricing information

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