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Beach Ball Play

Lesson plan provided by School Specialty
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Lesson Plan
Grades Toddler-PreK
Summer, Early Childhood, Seasonal


An inexpensive beach ball can provide many hours of fun and learning for little ones.

Supplies Needed

Blow-up Beach Ball
Paper & Tape to make Pins


Language and Literacy Development: Communication and Comprehension
Approaches to Learning: Social/Emotional Development and Language Development
Turn Taking (Mimics the back and forth of conversation)


Step 1

Look at the beach ball together. Blow it up. Why is it getting bigger? What are you putting into the ball?

Step 2

Roll the ball back and forth to each other. Use the words fast and slow to show different speeds as you roll the ball to a toddler.

Step 3

Toddlers love to knock things over. Set up to play a simple bowling game with a few simple home-made "pins". You can make the "pins" by rolling up individual pieces of paper and taping each one at the top and at the bottom. They will stand up by themselves.

Step 4

Pass the ball back and forth while music is playing or while you are singing a familiar song together. When the music stops, the one who has the ball jumps three times.

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